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  1. How does your portfolio provide evidence that you’ve met the UWP1 learning outcome of rhetorical flexibility and adapting your writing to different modes, genres, and audiences?
    • My portfolio is a great representation of the material that has been taught over the past quarter. Never before have I written a literacy narrative or conducted my own research for a research paper. throughout the course I had to retrain myself to become a better writer in order to meet the standards and fulfill the requirements of these two essays. My literacy narrative is evidence of how I apply literacy and comprehension skills to another aspect of my life and my research paper allowed me to analyze how writing examinations can affect one’s efficacy.
  2. How does your portfolio provide evidence that you’ve met the UWP 1 learning outcome of revision based on feedback? Give specific evidence of revisions you made based on feedback from peers and from me for both projects included in your portfolio
    • In my portfolio I have provided two essays that are in the best shape that they can be at the moment. In my opinion there is never a perfect draft, and I have come to this opinion due to experience I have gained throughout the course. my two essays however, are in very good shape due to the revision of my peers and my instructor. In my literacy narrative, my first draft was very simple. I did not touch into too much detail because I just wanted to get straight to the point and answer what was asked of me. After receiving advice on how to improve it, I received many remarks to make it more detailed and answer various questions they had asked. Some questions would ask why I felt the way I felt about my instrument, why this literacy meant so much to me, etc. Reading these comments made me realize that it was important to include that aspect so that my readers and audience could receive the entire story and not just a sneak peek. Being able to understand the reasoning behind everything I had written in my narrative made it much stronger in its final draft and it definitely made my essay more interesting. In my research paper, I received very little feedback from my peer, which made me feel a little uneasy. I finally understood the importance o getting any type of feedback, so when I did not receive much from my peer I felt at a loss of how to improve my paper because I knew for a fact that it was not perfect. In regards to my professor, I received significant feedback that allowed me to understand where in my paper I did not give enough explanation. I included some of my own knowledge about psychology and how it could be a factor in my research, however I forgot that I needed to explain the terms in a way that other people would understand. More specifically as my professor instructed me, “explain to a lay person.”
  3. How have you changed as a writer based on the work you did in the portfolio?
    • As a writer, I have become more aware of my audience while working on my portfolio. As I explained for my literacy narrative, I needed to delve deeper in explaining why I felt the way I did and how music explained what words could not for me. By taking my audience into account I believe it has made me a more well rounded writer. I choose to look at all of the possible angles from my audience and if there is something that I may be leaving out I choose now to include it just to close out any possibilities of question in my writing.
  4. What do you feel are the strengths of your portfolio?
    • I believe that the strengths of my portfolio would be included in my research. I feel that in my paper I made a good analysis of my results. I asked a number of questions in order to conduct my research, but analyzing the results was what was important. I feel that in my analysis I did a fair job of applying it back to my research question also asking more questions about my own research.  A research paper only does its job if it begs to ask more questions following what was already found. I was able to analyze my results and explain the significance behind it and also reach further and ask questions that may be confounding in my own research or what may be some other effects which I did not take into consideration before conducting the study. Another strength I would recognize would be the personal writing I include in my literacy narrative. I could have simply explained music as a literacy, but I chose to really dig deep in my writing and explain how it was such a significant aspect of my life and how it applies to me on a daily basis, allowing me to connect with my audience on a much more personal level.
  5. If you had more time, what further revisions would you make to the portfolio?
    • If I had more time to work on my portfolio, I think I would revise both essays as much as I could. More specifically, I would reach out to one of my dear advisor and ask her to review both papers and ask her for her professional opinion  and how I could make my paper better. In both papers I would definitely run through each and improve my language, perhaps I would choose more of  a proficient level of vocabulary so that my writing is not so dull and I would choose language that enraptures my audience in a learning matter, so that they may have the possibility to learn something that they perhaps did not already know.
  6. What literacy concepts, habits, processes, and/or strategies did you learn from composing your portfolio and from UWP1 in general that you can apply to future writing context?
    • In terms of literacy habits, I have learned to review the writing prompt/assignment as soon as it is given to me. Most times previous to taking this course, I would wait until the last minute to go over it, which would make me overwhelmed and intimidated to write the essay. I’ve learned also to only highlight what is significant and disregard what is not. This applies to my reading strategies of academic writings as well. Writings would bore me for homework assignments, most of the time I would not even do them. But during the time of this course I learned how to read these types of writings and stay hooked and intrigued to the information that is being given. Had I not learned this skill, I would not have  been patient to read through the research articles necessary in order to form my secondary research and background information for my research paper in my portfolio. Conducting the research paper played a significant role as a whole because I have only done one before, which was approximately 4 years ago. By refreshing my mind and improving my writing skills according to this manner and through research language, I feel I will be able to apply it to my future aspiration as a psychologist. I hope to conduct my own research some day and this assignment gave me a feel of how it would be to do that in the future, and it only made me more eager to do so.